Delicious Turkish Food Just Like
Coming Out From Your Mom’s Kitchen

For your all kinds of celebrations and parties, you can choose the authentic and unique tastes of Turkish cuisine from our menu, and safely present them to your guests. Your orders will be specially prepared for you with halal products.

Mezes, which are among the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine which are served as appetizers, are usually served cold. Mezes take their place on our tables both as an aperitif before the entrees and as an indispensable part of a pleasant raki table.

Hot mezes are served to keep the eating process warm and delicious from the starter to the main course, thus prolonging the enjoyment of eating.

MIn our menu, you can find the most popular appetizers of traditional Turkish cuisine, such as rice stuffed grape leaves, veggie stuffed eggplant, meatballs with rice, fried beef liver and shepherd's salad.

Entrees, which are in the group that includes the richest varieties of traditional Turkish cuisine, are the main dishes in meals that contain more than one type of food items. Entrees are usually the heaviest and most satisfying food item in this kind of meals.

Entrees are usually served hot after salad and soup and before dessert. Entrees can be a meat, chicken or fish dish, or it can also consist of cooked dishes by adding vegetables to meat, chicken or fish.

In our menu, you can find the most popular entrees of traditional Turkish cuisine, such as meat stuffed grape leaves, meat stuffed eggplant, beef stew wrapped with eggplant, roasted eggplant puree with beef stew and meatballs with mashed potato.

Pilaf is a side dish made by cooking grains such as rice and bulgur or pasta such as vermicelli and couscous in water. There are different methods of cooking pilaf in traditional Turkish cuisine.

Our menu includes rice pilafs and bulgur pilaf cooked with butter and olive oil by using classical methods.

One of the indispensable tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine is rich desserts. It has a wide range of dessert types made by dough, phyllo dough or milk. The finale of a table consisting of delicious Turkish dishes is made with traditional Turkish desserts, which also contain delicious tastes.

Our menu includes world-famous Turkish desserts such as baklava, kadayif, baked rice pudding, semolina cake and semolina halva.

Pastries, which are made with a mixture of ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, butter, baking powder and eggs, and usually baked in the oven, are essential products of our breakfasts, afternoon tea times and guest treats. It consists of borek, pastry and cookies made by the skillful hands of Turkish women and masters.

Our menu includes different types of boreks, pastries and cookies.

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